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Issue 8

Issue 8 Coming Soon!

Our next issue is coming out soon! Issue 8 features artists that portray life and news in a surreal way. This different way of looking at things makes everyone around them

Orlando Gun Violence

Artists For Orlando and Ending Violence

In Dekit's 7th issue Come*(Eat) we had the honor of interviewing CJ Hendry about her Chanel series. Now she has created a new piece inspired by the shooting in Orlando

Racy:Expose, Inspire and direct artistic visions

Dave MacDowell

Dave MacDowell’s Political Satire

This week we took a look at some political activism highlighted through art. Dave MacDowell is no stranger to politics. His original paintings take a satirical look to the major

Rap:Build social connection among readers, communities, and the digital world

Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson’s Free Store Dares You To Think

Adrian Wilson is an award winning photographer who has spent the last ten years giving away his art for free. In issue 7: Come*(Eat) Dekit Magazine had the incredible opportunity

Get Ready To Rumble!

...Your stomach that is! In our latest Issue 7: Come we dived into what we love to consume and love to be consumed by! To celebrate this issue here is a