Female DJ Juliana Huxtable Sculpture by Frank Benson


Female DJ Juliana Huxtable, Sculpture by Frank Benson Dekit Magazine
Juliana Huxtable Sculpture by Frank Benson

Photo by Stephanie Harris

Everyday is “Galentine’s Day,” here are three female DJ’s to get us gals and guys through the week. Let’s remember all the ladies in our lives who are constantly a source of support and encouragement. Thank the women in your lives whose friendship never wavers. 


Starting our list off is Bearcat. In “Mix For The Culture Whore” she sonically builds the track from a few cultures to make it a head knocker. Yes, the love is international.


Faux Queen’s aka Brewshi “Pussy Power” reminds us of the powerful impact girls have when brought together, rather than separated. 

 ~Juliana Huxtable~

Juliana Huxtable’s “Weird Magic Mix: The Awakening” speaks to the immense power within all women, waiting to be unleashed. 

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