In Dekit’s recent issue, we explored the themes of consumerism and food. We were fortunate to interview artist Amelia Harnas who has mastered her technique of painting with wine.

Sparked by a sudden life change, Amelia Harnas began experimenting with wine as a medium. Now well into her relationship with wine, she has gained perspective into the unpredictable medium itself, and learned to roll with its variances and nuances. Drinking the wine that she paints with, makes for a more personal connection to the medium and the final piece. Her works beg for more inquiry and calls for appreciation of her mastery with an unpredictable process. Led by the call of “what if,” Amelia is never hesitant to experiment and allows herself to move with the wine itself and acknowledge its particular qualities, and work in sync with the medium, rather than forcing. Her craftful use of wine makes for stunning, layered pieces full of emotion and personality.

We asked Amelia, why she chose to paint portraits, and to explain her fascination with wine and its properties.

The beauty of red wine is how much it looks like blood. Blood has always been sacred, symbolizing life itself. So many rites of passage involve blood. Humans simply have an innate fascination with blood. In terms of my interest with chaos and control, I was surprised to discover by accident that a wine stain on a perfectly clean and new piece of fabric is not nearly as exciting as a wine stain on a clean but worn or old fabric. The tiniest of particles are trapped in the weave, and the bleeding of the wine stain seems to push them to the edges, creating a much more fascinating effect. I could not attempt to control that chaos in my wildest dreams, which is why I love that part of the wine stains so much.” 

Read her full interview in COME*(eat). And check out more of her work.


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