Art Changing the World

In our issue 7: Come*(Eat) Dekit magazine highlighted artists that showcased consumerism, but what about the artists changing the way we see the world and our consumerism? Here are three artists that are using their talents to change how we see and act in the world around us;

Saltwater Brewery.

Although not typical artists, the founders of Saltwater Brewery created the first edible and biodegradable six pack to hold their beer. Instead of the typical plastic rings which kill millions of marine life and birds per year, Saltwater Brewery created a six pack made out of barley. These rings, made from natural ingredients, dissolve into the earth when not eaten by fish, turtles, and birds.


They’re goal is to show the big beer companies that they do not have to use the traditional plastic rings. If bigger companies became involved, the cost to make these rings will become competitive and save marine life. Being a company in Florida, they’re consumers are mostly fisherman, surfers, and general sea-lovers. They decided to take inspiration from their customers and create a six pack that will keep marine life thriving.

You can find their beer packaged in these biodegradable rings anywhere beer is sold!

Cao Hui.

Cao Hui is a Chinese artist hoping to change the way people see their leather products. Each sculpture is made of resin and fiber and true to size. Each piece appears to be made of the flesh and intestines belonging to the animals who are sacrificed to produce objects of convenience for humans.

Changing the world

His work forces us to realize the suffering and pain we cause animals because of our need for leather, suede, or cashmere.

Gloves Changing

Chris Onesto.

Another artist changing the world and how we view things around us is Chris Onesto. He created the fictional company California Water Co., which makes water bottles filled with reservoir water that is almost empty. The lower the water gets and the worse the drought becomes the less water Onesto places in his bottles.

California Changing

On the bottles he gives his reasons why the bottle looks the way it does.

California Drought Change

On his website Onesto states, “California Water Co. will distribute bottles that reflect the drought. A shortage of water in California means a shortage of water in the bottles you buy.”

He has even created advertisements to use in real world situations to bring the significance of the drought to people’s attention.

Chris Onesto California

Chris Onesto hopes to create change in everyone in and outside of California before it is too late.

Chris Onesto California

Do you know of any artists changing the world around them? How do you see yourself contributing to our demise or our salvation?

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