Orlando Gun Violence

In Dekit’s 7th issue Come*(Eat) we had the honor of interviewing CJ Hendry about her Chanel series. Now she has created a new piece inspired by the shooting in Orlando and America’s policy on guns in general. On her Instagram Hendry states that she is, “Very proud to be an Aussie. America can learn a lot from our gun control laws.”

This piece was her first color sketch! In her interview with Dekit she discussed wanting to master black and white, be known for that style, and then expand into color sketches. This new piece of art was scaled to 3,000 square feet and flew over Chicago, Orlando, and New York.

Orlando Gun Violence

Using the hashtage #endgunviolence, Cj Hendry aims to bring awareness to the flaws in our gun policies. The image itself is a t-shirt stained red with blood wrapped in the shape of a gun. Looking closely, you can see the t-shirt tag read ‘Made in U.S.A.’ which drives home the idea that American gun laws are horribly flawed.

CJ Hendry Orlando

Another artist that is using their art to promote change is Andrea Manica. Based in Toronto she transformed a garage door that had been tagged with graffiti into a tribute to the victims killed in Orlando on June 12, 2016.

Andrea Manica Orlando

Victoria Barrington, the owner of the garage, wanted to cover up the tag that had been spray painted there with art that everyone could enjoy. She posted an ad on Bunz to trade art for gift cards. After selecting Manica she created a rainbow of 49 flowers–one for each victim–to pay tribute to the LGBTQ community.

Orlando Gun Violence Art

Although beautiful, this mural is another reminder of the flaws in our gun policies. Orlando was a horrible tragedy. Hopefully, America as a whole can learn something from these unfortunate losses.

In the meantime, artists will continue to create work that will not let anyone forget.

Manica Orlando Toronto

To read more about CJ Hendry and her plans for the future of her work, check out our 7th issue Come*(Eat) here! Use promo code eat7 to get 30% off!

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