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If you don’t know already, this week is Asian Art week in New York City. It ends March 24th, so you have time to visit the many galleries and museums in NYC to see it all for yourself.

In the meantime, we want to shine a light on an Asian Artist we are excited about, Jon Tsoi. Jon Tsoi is a prolific contemporary artist, who creates blindfold medicine art, and has a collection that we’re sure will fill several auction houses one day.  Born in southwest China and currently living in Connecticut, he has come a long way to become the artist and Dr. he is today.  You can find hundreds of videos of him on Youtube to see just how prolific Jon Tsoi is at creating with his art medicine.

Here’s an excerpt from  Dekit’s winter issue  HUMAN=?

While there are those who strive to live every moment calculated, others live unrestrained. A portrait artist is meticulous and transcribes an image to canvas. A photographer peering through a lens captures a moment in time.  Jon Tsoi is an artist whose work utilizes performance, sculpture, painting and spirituality; his work represents un-restriction.  Read more about Jon Tsoi in Dekit’s 1st issue, HUMAN=?

Visit www.jontsoi.com to learn even more about Jon Tsoi.

Asia Week New York 2012 is a collaboration amongAsian art specialists5 auction houses, and 17 museums and Asian cultural institutions in the metropolitan New York area from March 16-24, 2012. Simultaneous exhibitions presented by more than 30 prominent Asian art dealers from the U.S. and abroad, auctions at, BonhamsChristie’sDoyle New York,iGavel, and Sotheby’s as well as dozens of special events are planned for this period. All exhibitions, auctions, and events are listed in a comprehensive 80-page guide with maps, available at the participating galleries, auction houses, and cultural institutions in February 2012 as well as on the Asia Week New York web site: Source  http://www.asiaweekny.com

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