Kadir Nelson honors Maurice White lead singer & co-founder of Earth, Wind & Fire

Maurice White painting by Kadir Nelson

Maurice White by Kadir Nelson Artist Kadir Nelson, widely know for painting the cover art for Drake's Nothing Was the Same album, honors Maurice White, lead singer and co-found of the legendary band Earth, Wind & Fire. Maurice, a master musician, singer, writer and performer died Feb. 3rd. He co-founded and lead

Tabata Resende’s Contemporary Renaissance Women x Dekit Magazine’s Issue 6: Sway

Tabata Resende, a Brazilian visual artist and fashion designer, calls for a stronger presence of women in the arts. Tabata's mixed media collage series titled,"Uncovering Goddess" merges the aesthetics of Renaissance art with contemporary presentations of women in today's media. The media is still idealizing and objectifying women's body as

dekit MUSIC MONDAY: Staff Picks for the week 2/1/16

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https://youtu.be/VGAMSfMflJI?t=33s "Forever Mine" by Andra Day https://youtu.be/t2NgsJrrAyM?t=32s "Alive" by Sia https://youtu.be/TAPI9_gNqVA Seven Hunters (Dam Mantle Remix) by Hidden Orchestra https://youtu.be/r_p0jcp4J_0 "Narcissus is Back" by Christine and the Queens https://youtu.be/lD3etldXtTU "Fame" by David Bowie https://youtu.be/C_3d6GntKbk Pillowtalk by Zayn Malik Full playlist on Spotify Dekit Magazine's issue 6: SWAY

Jennifer Hansen depicts her faith amidst chaos Dekit Magazine Issue 6: Sway

Jennifer Hansen uses her past experiences for inspiration, making her work emotionally vivid and heart wrenching. Looking at her photos, one cannot help but feel the pain and suffering of her figures. Her pieces are ethereal and dreamlike, pointing us in the direction of more promising times. We are left

Ben Quesnel Cardboard Series Examines Materialism in Dekit Magazine’s Issue 6: Sway

Ben Quesnel explores the socio-economic boundaries and separations within the American economy. With his artwork, he connects all members of his community together. His reflection and closer examination of our consumerist society forces us to contemplate our own habits.  Rather than critique he wants to bring awareness to issues that still

Manoj Jadhav’s Gypsy Inspired Photography in Dekit Magazine’s Issue 6: SWAY

Manoj Jadhav Dekit Magazine Sway issue 6

Manoj Jadhav is a successful fashion photographer based in Mumbai. He uses analog film masterfully to capture his subjects spirit and gazes that linger as they draw the viewer in to their world. His intentionally use of blurring is this series of photography is most alluring accents. The girl in these

Martin Luther King Jr. as a Hipster

Martin Luther King Jr as a Hipster

Martin Luther King Jr. illustrated as a hipster by Amit Shimoni @amitshimoni inspired an array imaginative descriptions of what Dr.King might be like if he were a hipster of today. Martin Luther King Jr., with his words, strength and peaceful protest inspired a movement that following his death lead to a wide

Bart van Leeuwen Illustration of President Obama in Dekit Magazine’s Issue 6: Sway

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Bart van Leeuwen's illustrations posses the political satire expected to stir up dialog. Each of his illustrations incite the imagination with their whimsical style.  I try not to take a personal position. Roughly said: the heavier the subject, the stronger the comedy.  Because I make caricatures of the people involved, it is

Janusz Jurek’s Generative Art is Cover of Sway, Dekit Magazine’s 6th Issue

Polish artist Janusz Jurek's generative art takes the cover of Dekit Magazine's latest release, Issue 6: Sway. Janusz, along with the many artist of generative art, lead us to think about the numerous possibilities that technology has made and will continue to create as long as the desire for more

Legendary artist David Bowie’s music will forever sway listeners

David Bowie fan art by Nick Twaalfhoven @nick12hoven David Bowie is no longer with us, but his music will forever sway listeners. For more than four decades he has exemplified was it means to be a creator.  To celebrate his influence in music, film and art, we chose one of his