Issue 8 Coming Soon!

Issue 8

Our next issue is coming out soon! Issue 8 features artists that portray life and news in a surreal way. This different way of looking at things makes everyone around them see these subjects in different light. How we view our elderly, relationships with one another, social media and politics, and

Dave MacDowell’s Political Satire

Dave MacDowell

This week we took a look at some political activism highlighted through art. Dave MacDowell is no stranger to politics. His original paintings take a satirical look to the major events happening in the world today. His pop art style grabs the audience instantly and the content of his paintings

Artists For Orlando and Ending Violence

Orlando Gun Violence

In Dekit's 7th issue Come*(Eat) we had the honor of interviewing CJ Hendry about her Chanel series. Now she has created a new piece inspired by the shooting in Orlando and America's policy on guns in general. On her Instagram Hendry states that she is, "Very proud to be an

Adrian Wilson’s Free Store Dares You To Think

Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson is an award winning photographer who has spent the last ten years giving away his art for free. In issue 7: Come*(Eat) Dekit Magazine had the incredible opportunity to interview him about his store The Inutilious Retailer that gives artwork away to anyone willing to leave a piece

Art That Is Changing The World

Art Changing the World

In our issue 7: Come*(Eat) Dekit magazine highlighted artists that showcased consumerism, but what about the artists changing the way we see the world and our consumerism? Here are three artists that are using their talents to change how we see and act in the world around us; Saltwater Brewery. Although not typical

Pejac’s Real Heavy Sea and The Environmental Crisis

Heavy Sea

In 2013, Spanish street artist Pejac created a watercolor painting that featured a lone lifesaver in an expanse of used tires. He labeled this painting Heavy Sea. In 2016, Pejac was on a trip abroad and found himself in the physical manifestation of his fictional painting. He stated that it

The SuperLove Cure

SuperLove Cure

Delia Rubio is a Madrid artist who creates three dimensional hearts out of pills. These creations are part of her project called "The SuperLove Cure." In her interview with Dekit Magazine, Rubio describes the concept behind the name. "My project is called SuperLove Cure. Love heals precisely because there is

Food Can Smile

Food Can Smile

In our seventh issue Come*(Eat) we featured numerous artists who created edible art. One of those amazing artists was Mengsha Gui--preferred name Sasha--and her whimsical Instagram account Food Can Smile. Although working as an accountant, Sasha always believed that anyone could create art. In her interview she states that, "I certainly believe