Bernhard Lang’s aerial photos give new perspectives calling for re-examination of the subject matter–which is anything but ordinary. What lies beneath the surface s may surprise and shock you. Lang’s work aims to capture the sprawling influence of industrialism and human exploitation of Earth’s natural resources. He questions the current conditions of Earth’s systems and its terrain, in an effort to bring awareness to the many environmental issues our leaders face today. 

Phosphate Arial View Bernhard Lang Photography Dekit MagazinePhosphate Bernhard Lang Photography 

In terms of energy, water use and agriculture there are a lot of problems in our overpopulated world, which must be seriously considered by the people responsible. I am not an expert on these questions, and I am afraid I do not know the solutions. I am just trying to draw attention to these issues through my work.

Coal Mine Arial View Bernhard Lang Photography Dekit MagazineCoal Mines Bernhard Lang Photography

I am trying to make the human impact visible. I think it is important to have knowledge about how Earth looks, and to have an awareness and responsibility for Earth and nature.

Central Irrigation 03 Arial View Bernard Lang Photograp Dekit MagazineCentral Irrigation Bernhard Lang Photography 

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