Free Exhibitions Now in NYC

  Feeling the summer heat this week? Why not step back indoors and spend a little time gazing at some of NYC's best free exhibitions. Art not only serves as a delight for the eyes and hearts, but also brings people together. A simple gathering of curious minds and bodies in one

Political figures re-imagined

Humorous caricature artist Rodney Pike exaggerates political figures, putting a spotlight on some of their more ridiculous moments or qualities. Last issue we featured another artist who examined the political icons and their role into the lives of citizens. Bart van Leeuwen spoke to Dekit about the people he drew and

Photo Realist and Cartoon Collages

  Artist Sean Norvet draws viewers in with his whimsical mash up of photo realism, cartoon characters and everyday consumer objects. While silly and not too serious, his works integrates many found objects today, which could be found in any household. His reference to pop culture and his compilation of those

Vulture Culture DZO’s intricacy alive and transformed

Vulture Culture artist DZO creates intricate pieces with permanent ink to celebrate the mistakes that arose during the chaos of life. His artwork shines against the stark white canvas of his bleached animal skulls, paying homage to the transformation and rebirth of every life. See how DZO Oliver brings his