With the recent shootings of men in the Black community, as well as those in the police force; being represented for who you are instead of what people mistake you as is very important. Jordan Casteel is a woman of color who works on the representation of Black masculinity. Her work mainly

GILF’s Politically Charged Art

  In Dekit's issue: MEME we interviewed artist and activist LMNOPI who took to the streets to explore and discuss some of the many social injustices facing our nation today. We talked to her briefly about her involvement in a collaboration with artist Ann Lewis, the face behind Gilf. Their mural

Nature’s Eco Sculptures at Burning in Water

Nature takes over art, in an exhibition showing at Burning in Water in NYC, showcasing various artists who explore the relationship between nature and our physical world. Fusing two important aspects of the world, heeds a collection of eco sculptures by various contemporary artists. The show, titles "a certain kind of Eden" tells

Pejac’s Real Heavy Sea and The Environmental Crisis

Heavy Sea

In 2013, Spanish street artist Pejac created a watercolor painting that featured a lone lifesaver in an expanse of used tires. He labeled this painting Heavy Sea. In 2016, Pejac was on a trip abroad and found himself in the physical manifestation of his fictional painting. He stated that it

Elizabeth Marek’s Cutting Edge Cake Designs

  Cake designs have recently been trending, with elaborate cakes for birthday parties, weddings, and more. This week Dekit explored edible art and the various ways in which art can be found in our day to day lives--whether we know it or not. A simple latte, hard candy, or baked good