Free Exhibitions Now in NYC

  Feeling the summer heat this week? Why not step back indoors and spend a little time gazing at some of NYC's best free exhibitions. Art not only serves as a delight for the eyes and hearts, but also brings people together. A simple gathering of curious minds and bodies in one

Listen Up: Action Bronson, mixtape “Bon Appetit…Bitch!!!!!”

We got a treat for you real Hip Hop heads, introducing Action Bronson and his mixtape, “Bon Appetit…Bitch!!!!!.” Representing Flushing, Queens, NY, Action Bronson aka Bronsonelli takes it back to 90’s, when you could still expect them metaphor packed bars over classic looped beats.  Many have described his style as

Listen Up: Jessie J “Do it like a Dude”

Dekit came across  a track, "Do it like a Dude" which has over 10 millions views on YouTube and gives an unglamorous  introduction to 22-year-old Jessie J. As her first single off her soon to be released album titled, "Who You Are" it definitely draws the necessary attention needed fora new artist.