Vulture Culture DZO’s intricacy alive and transformed

Vulture Culture artist DZO creates intricate pieces with permanent ink to celebrate the mistakes that arose during the chaos of life. His artwork shines against the stark white canvas of his bleached animal skulls, paying homage to the transformation and rebirth of every life. See how DZO Oliver brings his

Bernhard Lang Takes to the Skies

Bernhard Lang's aerial photos give new perspectives calling for re-examination of the subject matter--which is anything but ordinary. What lies beneath the surface s may surprise and shock you. Lang's work aims to capture the sprawling influence of industrialism and human exploitation of Earth's natural resources. He questions the current conditions

Artist Sam Kirk Speaks Out on Homelessness and the Sex Trade

Sam Kirk mixed media Provokulture Dekit Magazine Issue 5 Meme

Sam Kirk represents a significant portion of America’s population; one of multi ethnicity, full of varying traditions, languages and customs. This artist is using her powers to reach out to children and disadvantaged groups through the work of her company Provoke Culture. Join her in Chicago on February 10th as she

Lmnopi tackles injustice with large scale murals in the streets of New York City

Street Artist LMNOPI Indiria Nepal Dekit Magazine

Issue 5: Meme focused on the spread of culture, ideas and social commentary. One street artist who prefers to let the work speak for itself has been active in the streets of New York. Lmnopi, activist, street artist and social pioneer forces the public to confront the social injustice of our

Tabata Resende’s Contemporary Renaissance Women x Dekit Magazine’s Issue 6: Sway

Tabata Resende, a Brazilian visual artist and fashion designer, calls for a stronger presence of women in the arts. Tabata's mixed media collage series titled,"Uncovering Goddess" merges the aesthetics of Renaissance art with contemporary presentations of women in today's media. The media is still idealizing and objectifying women's body as

Jennifer Hansen depicts her faith amidst chaos Dekit Magazine Issue 6: Sway

Jennifer Hansen uses her past experiences for inspiration, making her work emotionally vivid and heart wrenching. Looking at her photos, one cannot help but feel the pain and suffering of her figures. Her pieces are ethereal and dreamlike, pointing us in the direction of more promising times. We are left

Manoj Jadhav’s Gypsy Inspired Photography in Dekit Magazine’s Issue 6: SWAY

Manoj Jadhav Dekit Magazine Sway issue 6

Manoj Jadhav is a successful fashion photographer based in Mumbai. He uses analog film masterfully to capture his subjects spirit and gazes that linger as they draw the viewer in to their world. His intentionally use of blurring is this series of photography is most alluring accents. The girl in these