#WCW Mathilde Grafström’s bold “Female Beauty”

Photographer Mathilde Grafström's series "Female Beauty" celebrates the female form, empowering women to love their bodies as they are. She continues to make art despite the Copenhagen police department which tried to shut down her exhibition. This young photographer has dared to be daring, refusing to let anyone stand in her way.  “I

Bernhard Lang Takes to the Skies

Bernhard Lang's aerial photos give new perspectives calling for re-examination of the subject matter--which is anything but ordinary. What lies beneath the surface s may surprise and shock you. Lang's work aims to capture the sprawling influence of industrialism and human exploitation of Earth's natural resources. He questions the current conditions

From Street Art: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

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From our Street Art Department: Bull skulls, shoes, license plates, surfboards, bras, basically whatever you got to build your fortress. Not surprising most these fences are in the Midwest or in the countryside where one actually has a fence to decorate. We city dwellers separate ourselves from

Moving Pictures: Stunning Photographs Brought to Life

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The world has been entranced by photographs since their invention well over a century ago. When video came along, however, that was even better. Somewhere along the way, we have learned to love both still and moving images. Now, well into the 21st century, a team of artists is combining

One Life | Featured Photographer: Michael Gora

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One Life | Featured Photographer: Michael Gora Michael Gora‘s black and white compositions evoke the nostalgia of vintage photos; often the scenes and subjects are uncanny and timeless. Gora captures the truly American essence of a summer vacation with these sunny, relaxed images. Michael Gora submitted to One Life, for a shot