Dave MacDowell’s Political Satire

Dave MacDowell

This week we took a look at some political activism highlighted through art. Dave MacDowell is no stranger to politics. His original paintings take a satirical look to the major events happening in the world today. His pop art style grabs the audience instantly and the content of his paintings

Pejac’s Real Heavy Sea and The Environmental Crisis

Heavy Sea

In 2013, Spanish street artist Pejac created a watercolor painting that featured a lone lifesaver in an expanse of used tires. He labeled this painting Heavy Sea. In 2016, Pejac was on a trip abroad and found himself in the physical manifestation of his fictional painting. He stated that it

#WCW Mathilde Grafström’s bold “Female Beauty”

Photographer Mathilde Grafström's series "Female Beauty" celebrates the female form, empowering women to love their bodies as they are. She continues to make art despite the Copenhagen police department which tried to shut down her exhibition. This young photographer has dared to be daring, refusing to let anyone stand in her way.  “I

Bernhard Lang Takes to the Skies

Bernhard Lang's aerial photos give new perspectives calling for re-examination of the subject matter--which is anything but ordinary. What lies beneath the surface s may surprise and shock you. Lang's work aims to capture the sprawling influence of industrialism and human exploitation of Earth's natural resources. He questions the current conditions