Adrian Wilson’s Free Store Dares You To Think

Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson is an award winning photographer who has spent the last ten years giving away his art for free. In issue 7: Come*(Eat) Dekit Magazine had the incredible opportunity to interview him about his store The Inutilious Retailer that gives artwork away to anyone willing to leave a piece

India’s Innovative Edibles

The team at Bakeys have started a new wave of innovative utensils that will reduce plastic consumption. The makers behind this new wave of edible, compostable cutlery are starting a new revolution, taking eco-friendly utensils to the next level: with cutlery that not only reduces the amount of plastic waste,

Food labeling: is there something missing?

Food labeling can be tricky, now in an age of chemical substitutes and a plethora of ingredients we can't even pronounce. Roman Belichenko is an artist who deals with food labeling, and farm animal treatment. His work makes us wonder about the justness of our food production today. Does advertising

Kadir Nelson honors Maurice White lead singer & co-founder of Earth, Wind & Fire

Maurice White painting by Kadir Nelson

Maurice White by Kadir Nelson Artist Kadir Nelson, widely know for painting the cover art for Drake's Nothing Was the Same album, honors Maurice White, lead singer and co-found of the legendary band Earth, Wind & Fire. Maurice, a master musician, singer, writer and performer died Feb. 3rd. He co-founded and lead

Artist Sam Kirk Speaks Out on Homelessness and the Sex Trade

Sam Kirk mixed media Provokulture Dekit Magazine Issue 5 Meme

Sam Kirk represents a significant portion of America’s population; one of multi ethnicity, full of varying traditions, languages and customs. This artist is using her powers to reach out to children and disadvantaged groups through the work of her company Provoke Culture. Join her in Chicago on February 10th as she

Lmnopi tackles injustice with large scale murals in the streets of New York City

Street Artist LMNOPI Indiria Nepal Dekit Magazine

Issue 5: Meme focused on the spread of culture, ideas and social commentary. One street artist who prefers to let the work speak for itself has been active in the streets of New York. Lmnopi, activist, street artist and social pioneer forces the public to confront the social injustice of our