Dale Grimshaw London

Dale Grimshaw is a London artist known for this street art that helps support and highlight indigenous cultures. Featured in issue 5: Meme of Dekit Magazine, Grimshaw made his audience aware of the consequences of luxury and capitalism to other cultures. He stated that, “We live in a capitalist society where the majority of people don’t think about where the daily luxuries come from.” His work showed the haunting gaze of a person not readily thought about against the backdrop of the beloved Disney World.

Dale Grimshaw

He tells Dekit that, “I like to give the figures a feeling of movement or energy.” He continued this work on Handbury Street in London. This time promoting Paupa New Guinea and for people in West Paupa that are fighting for independence.

Dale Grimshaw

Now, Dale Grimshaw is creating new canvases for a group show. It will be at Galerie Protege in conjunction with Pepper Spray Press held in New York City.


Dale Grimshaw Press

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If you would like to read the full interview please read issue 5: Meme here!

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