Dave MacDowell

This week we took a look at some political activism highlighted through art. Dave MacDowell is no stranger to politics. His original paintings take a satirical look to the major events happening in the world today. His pop art style grabs the audience instantly and the content of his paintings keep you staring.

Dace MacDowell Satire

Currently, MacDowell has focused on the electoral candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Along with his striking imagery, the titles that he gives his pieces also drive home the theme. For example, the painting of Bill and Hillary Clinton is called “Natural Born Killers.”  In an interview with Monster Fresh  MacDowell stated that,  “I want the paintings to appear as if you are looking through either various forms of film stock, or a stylized lens.  How the information is stylistically packaged effects the entire subject matter, for sure.” X

Dave MacDowell

“The Problem We All Live With.”

Dave MacDowell creates art that shows what is popular in the media in an exaggerated way. His work pushes his audience to acknowledge the absurdity in all of our lives. What is made popular today is created out of this absurdity. Currently at Dekit Magazine, we are creating our next issue called “POPULAR”. This issue will explore the absurdities in our culture and how artists use pop art and mainstream media to create their message.

Dave MacDowell 4 Donald Trump

“Dickhead Donald”

If more people like MacDowell would show people how absurd our candidates truly are, maybe we would be more cautious who we support for the next presidency. His work shows people the ridiculous society we are creating for ourselves everyday. By allowing atrocities to exist we are, in turn, creating more atrocity.

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