Dekit Magazine Cover Issue 5 Meme
Dekit Magazine Issue # 5 Meme

Inspired by the word, created by author Richard Dawkins, we present issue #5 MEME.

Culture shapes our identity and our behaviors. From the moment when we are born, culture affirms the language we speak, the foods we eat, our beliefs, the clothes we wear, and our relationships.

We are often times influenced by ideas, behaviors and styles without

realizing it, without a choice or consideration.  There are those who stand up against opposition; who challenge our identity and behaviors with their questions or ideas; who usher perspectives that create choices and ultimately refine or redefine a culture.

We present CREATORS whose work aims to challenge societal norms with new language and rejection of old molds. We are sharing CREATORS that bring attention to aspects of culture that are either, widely visible, or grossly overlooked. We explore the phenomena of memes through CREATORS, as they are, by design: historians and architects of culture.

To meme or not to meme: that is the question.

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