AfroPunk Fest in Paris will be here before you know it! It unveils the 3rd of June and lasts until the 5th. AfroPunk fest in New York City will be held in Brooklyn this year on August 27th and 28th. To celebrate this upcoming festival, we recount an article featured in issue 2: Identity.

Devin Hentz, a model currently living in London, sat down with Dekit Magazine to discuss the creation and identity of the subculture AfroPunk. She describes the movement as a, “kind of double rebellion… It is a subculture of minorities, who are also a minority in the larger subculture of punk.” She further explains that it is a lifestyle and makes it clear that those involved are not ‘fashion-punks’.


AfroPunk 2

She makes this distinction because, “Some large corporations have commodified certain elements of punk style in order to appeal to people…with no interest to identify within it.” In the interview, she expresses her concerns for the movement and the possibility of assimilation.


“Assimilation eases the burden of being different,” Devin Hentz states. She further confides in Dekit how finding her identity in this movement has helped her and also her hopes for the future of the movement.

To read more of Devin Hentz’s interview, please read issue 2: Identity.

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