Food Can Smile

In our seventh issue Come*(Eat) we featured numerous artists who created edible art. One of those amazing artists was Mengsha Gui–preferred name Sasha–and her whimsical Instagram account Food Can Smile.


Although working as an accountant, Sasha always believed that anyone could create art. In her interview she states that, “I certainly believe that everyone has the ability to create art, regardless how big or small it is. The primary reason is that creativity is part of our human nature, which can be traced back to our ancestors thousands years ago.” She believes that you do not have to be a certain type of person to be an artist.

Sasha started this adventure with the simple goal of learning a new breakfast recipe every day. She tried adding interesting features just for fun and then realized she could tell stories with her food. Once she started she became excited to create more edible pieces of artwork.

“This is a very exciting process because you can’t predict the result and sometimes the outcomes turn out to be unexpectedly amazing.”

Food Can Smile


The name of her Instagram account “Food Can Smile” was born out of the idea that food can be an extension of the happiness and love that a person can feel. It is not simply food. Sasha told us that food “gradually becomes a way for me to express my thoughts, like writing a diary.”

When asked about how she balances being an accountant with her edible artwork, Sasha stated, “I think, when you love to do something and take effort to do it, it just becomes natural to transform from the one to another.”

Food Can Smile

“From a non-artistic perspective, food is just amazing especially when you love eating. I love sweets a lot because it can lift up my mood sometimes. I love Chinese food because the special taste reminds me of home. I love other countries cuisine because it opens way for me to understand their culture and tradition.”

To find out more about Sasha and her Instagram account Food Can Smile read her interview at Dekit Magazine here! You can even get a discount of 30% by entering promo code: eat7

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