…Your stomach that is! In our latest Issue 7: Come we dived into what we love to consume and love to be consumed by! To celebrate this issue here is a collection of curiously delightful foods. By the end of it you’ll wish your screen had a delivery button!


Peaceloving_Pax in Thailand makes the cutest rice ball creations!


Food 2

Sideserf Cake Studio in Texas created this amazing three foot tall Jackalope Wedding Cake! Yes that IS a cake!


Food 3

Mallory Mae of ButterWinks (Cake Masters Cookie Award Winner) created this incredible piece (pieces?) of cookie art for Seven Seas Food Festival.


Food Food

Lamb Provencal on a handmade board by Ori’s Kitchen.


3D Latte Art Come

Latte Art Come

And how about this 3D Latte Art and Colored Latte Art! From Saka Bistro & Bar.


Come 4

And here is some literally ‘Food Art’ by Stephan Brusche or ISteef. Perfect for the Game of Thrones weekend we just had!


So are you hungry yet? Ready for more? Check out our latest Issue 7: Come here! Not only do we explore so many extravagant and beautiful pieces of food artwork, we also indulge in the topics that tend to consume us in other aspects of our lives. In Issue 7 we have collected all the things that might consume a person and also look at #CREATORS who give us alternatives to overconsumption.

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