Here at Dekit Magazine we were honored to feature GN Chan in our current issue COME/Eat!

GN Chan competed in the fifth annual USBG Legacy Cocktail Showcase sponsored by BACARDÍ. After being one of six national semi-finalists across the country, GN Chan received an all-expense paid trip to San Francisco, California and the opportunity to compete on the global stage as the United States representative in the Legacy Global Cocktail Competition. His winning drink is called Venceremos and features every day ingredients that can be found all over the world and do not require any special mixologist skills. This extremely accessible drink showcases how everyone can enjoy creating an experience with cocktails no matter their background. His winning drink is all about courage and never giving up on a goal no matter what kind of adversity they are faced with.


This weekend he will be competing in the Legacy Global Cocktail Competition. He will be competing against the world’s best mixologists after a variety of workshops held before the final day to hone their skills.

In our interview with GN Chan he talks about how he first started creating drinks, the experience he strives to create, and how anything created with passion is art. You can read this interview in our 7th Issue: COME*!

To follow GN Chan and remain up to date with the competition check out his Instagram:



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