Bacardi Legacy 2016

Over the weekend GN Chan competed in San Francisco and became the eighth person in the world to win the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition! He competed against mixologists from thirty-six countries. His drink Venceremos is a combination of every day ingredients like pinnacle, lime, and cucumber juice to bring a unique drinking experience to anyone anywhere.

Bacardi Legacy 2016 Global

He was judged by last year’s winner Frank Dedieu, Maestro de Ron Bacardi José Sanchez Gavito,  renowned New York bartender Julie Reiner, and Dale De Groff aka ‘King Cocktail’ who had this to say about GN Chan’s drink:

“The pineapple flavour is very delicate, and then there is cucumber juice which worked really well with a touch of sesame oil. The name Venceremos, which is Spanish for ‘we will overcome,’ worked with Gn’s own personal story of how he overcame challenges in his life to go on to work in one of the world’s most elegant bars, and that of the Bacardi family which has endured through adversity.”

Bacardi Legacy Global 2016

Before his global win, Dekit had the incredible opportunity to interview GN Chan. In the interview he talks about his first experience with creating an alcoholic drink, what he strives to achieve with his skill, and his opinion on the art of mixology.

To read this interview check out our newest Issue 7: *Come(Eat) here!

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