The team at Bakeys have started a new wave of innovative utensils that will reduce plastic consumption. The makers behind this new wave of edible, compostable cutlery are starting a new revolution, taking eco-friendly utensils to the next level: with cutlery that not only reduces the amount of plastic waste, but tastes equally delicious and comes in a variety of flavors.

The utensils themselves are made of grains and wheat and are entirely edible. Should people choose to discard them, they will decompose in 4-5 days and have shelf life of 3 years, Not only will they reduce the excessive amounts of plastic produced and sold, they too will eliminate the amount of chemicals and toxins that come from cheaply produced plastic ware.

Their flavors range from sweets such as sugar and cinnamon to more savory options like ginger-garlic, black pepper, cumin and so on. Depending on the meal or mood, one can customize their spoon choice based on whichever flavor they want to enhance their meal. Useful and eco-friendly, Bakeys Cutlery is made primarily from millet, which uses significantly less water to grow and cultivate.

Narayana, who came up with the idea, believes that “Change is inevitable. Before this change can overtake and overwhelm us, we should be the instruments of change.” These creators are using their powers and skills to bring new innovation into their community and to inflict change around the world with their mission to create the world’s first mass produced edible cutlery.

It’s these types of creators and givers who are positively contributing to their communities who inspire us, and urge us to do the same. Please check out our Kickstarter.

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