Dekit Party

On April 14th in Stamford, Connecticut Dekit Magazine held our very first launch party for our new Issue 7 Come! It was held at Kashi; a Japanese style restaurant on Summer St in Stamford. To properly celebrate this issue that is all about what we consume and what consumes us we had delectable treats, finger foods, and even drank the infamous Venceremos drink created by USBG Legacy Cocktail Showcase!

Dekit Launch Party

Shana Green graciously made these amazing sweets that even included the cover of the seventh issue as a topping! Kashi provided their signature sushi rolls along with edamame appetizers and steamed potstickers.

All of the members of Dekit Magazine were there even if it was just in spirit. Artist Ben Quesnel, featured in Dekit’s issue 6: Sway, was also there along Nazya Ayaz who modeled in our issue 5: Meme!

Dekit Issue Party

(Above from the right: Samantha Flores, Clare Schubert, and Stephanie Harris)

Throughout the party were two tablets that circled between everyone. They had a preview of the magazine loaded onto them so everyone who attended could see the new issue before anyone else. To add to the exclusive feel, a custom-made backdrop with Dekit’s name and logo was provided for anyone to take pictures with.

At the end of the night there was a raffle for one of the tablets with Issue 7 Come pre-loaded on it, a collection of health conscious cookbooks, and a chef’s hat. Proud winners Ben Quesnel and his girlfriend Michelle Longo took home these magnificent prizes:

Dekit Launch

But, like all great parties, Dekit gave a take home bag to all of it’s guests. The tote bag had Dekit’s name and website printed on it, a few coupons to various retail brands, and a metal tin bearing Dekit’s name that included crayons, a notebook, and a piece of candy. This small token was to remind everyone that attended the party to not forget the dreams they had when they were younger. The crayons and the notebook presented a medium to visualize what their dream was. The candy allowed a bit of inspiration to take guests back to their childhood. To visualize our childhood dreams allows us to remember what we might have set aside for more ‘realistic’ goals. Here at Dekit we believe to never give up on your dreams no matter how silly or big they might seem. If it is important to you it is never silly nor impossible. So #JustDekit!

Dekit Launch 2

A big thank you to everyone that came to our launch party, Kashi Japanese for hosting, and always to our beloved readers who made all of this possible!

To read our newest Issue: 7 Come click HERE!

Shana Green:

Ben Quesnel:

To read Ben Quesnel’s interview check out our Issue 6: Sway here!

Everyone was there! So why weren’t you?!

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