Issue 8

Our next issue is coming out soon! Issue 8 features artists that portray life and news in a surreal way. This different way of looking at things makes everyone around them see these subjects in different light. How we view our elderly, relationships with one another, social media and politics, and surprising cultures are all explored in this issue.

To celebrate these absurdist’s and their way of thinking here are four other artists whose work highlights the theme of Issue 8: POPULAR.

Karen Cantuq

Issue 8 Karen Cantuq

An artist based out of Monterrey, Mexico Karen Cantuq uses visual surrealism to convey her message. She also creates poetry to accompany her pieces.

Issue 8 Karen Cantuq

With this image she writes, “The urge to give you screaming my silence.” Also in the cover photo of this article she wrote, “I write with ink so you cannot erase.” Her work is quiet and intense, subtle yet poignant.

To follow more of Karen Cantuq’s work follow her on Instagram:

The Enormous Face

Issue 8 enormous face

With his provocative street performances Claywood Schraard is an absurdist in all aspects of the word. His well known performance cart defies description, pushes through boundaries, and creates mysteries out of everyday things.

Enormous Face issue 8

He creates large pieces of poetry to accompany disturbing images that gives the horrific a sense of innocence. He takes what you know and makes you realize that you truly never knew it at all.

To see more of Schratard’s work follow him on Instagram or his main website:

Giuseppe Palmisano

Issue 8 Palmisano

“I like to be everything you are not in your head.” The haunting line beside this image is the work of Giuseppe Palmisano. He takes the feminine body and places them in vulnerable positions to speak to the broken pieces we hold inside.

Giuseppe Palmisano

“We were full of us. Then empty.” The grainy texture of each image hits the audience with a pang of nostalgia. His images make you want to go back in time and figure out when you first started to break into the million of pieces that you are, and try to stop it from happening. His poetry then reminds us that we can never go back.

To follow more of Giuseppe Palmisano’s work check out his Instagram:

These artists, although not featured in the magazine, see the world in a similar light to the theme of our issue. To see the world in such a different point of view can be seen almost as a privilege. It is our pleasure to share that vision with you.


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