Janusz Jurek Generative Art Cover of Dekit Magazine Issue 6: Sway
Janusz Jurek + Dekit Magazine Issue # 6 Sway

Polish artist Janusz Jurek’s generative art takes the cover of Dekit Magazine’s latest release, Issue 6: Sway. Janusz, along with the many artist of generative art, lead us to think about the numerous possibilities that technology has made and will continue to create as long as the desire for more exist.

The truth is that the process of creation in Generative arts is so wonderful; I hope there are still incredible possibilities ahead. I agree with those who say that Generative art (thanks to new technologies) opens a new chapter in the history of art. And we are part of that chapter.

Read the full interview with Janus Jurek in Dekit Magazine’s Issue 6:Sway here

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