We got a treat for you real Hip Hop heads, introducing Action Bronson and his mixtape, “Bon Appetit…Bitch!!!!!.” Representing Flushing, Queens, NY, Action Bronson aka Bronsonelli takes it back to 90’s, when you could still expect them metaphor packed bars over classic looped beats.  Many have described his style as a cross between Ghostface and Raekwon of the Wu, whether you agree or not with this comparison, it don’t matter. Once you listen up, there is no denying that this mixtape, with each track, commands your head nod.

Evoking an era in Hip Hop where it wasn’t about packaged images, flashy jewels and skinny jeans, Action delivers bars that are like jewels.

He is one of many underground artists who are able to satisfy a void that the commercial rap is not trying to fill; it’s the real life story telling that built the foundation of Hip Hop and Bronson does an exceptional job of being true to that.

On top of dishing out the bars, Action can also be seen on Youtube whipping up gourmet dishes, true Bronson style. Among the many freestyles posted, it’s the videos of him cooking that brings listeners another view of this dynamic artist. It’s also explains the food related metaphors that drape many, if not all of his tracks.

Action Bronson’s delivery is of a style that is no doubt inspired by legendary artist. He manages to add in the Bronsonelli ingredient that not only keeps you hungry for more but also helps to rejuvenate the appreciation of an era in Hip Hop.

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