Street Artist LMNOPI Indiria Nepal Dekit Magazine

Issue 5: Meme focused on the spread of culture, ideas and social commentary. One street artist who prefers to let the work speak for itself has been active in the streets of New York. Lmnopi, activist, street artist and social pioneer forces the public to confront the social injustice of our country and provides a voice for those who cannot represent themselves.

Kalief Browder
Kalief Browder “Demands Justice” by LMNOPI and GLIF
Street Artist LMNOPI Indiria Nepal Dekit Magazine
Photo courtesy of the artist LMNOPI

When I heard he took his own life, I felt devastated for his family members and for the world to have lost him. It’s the worst of the system when kids are put in adult prisons. He wasn’t even given a trial. He was there because of poverty mostly, and a racist system that disproportionately imprisons Native Americans, black and brown people. Solitary confinement is cruel punishment. No one ought to suffer that. It creates mental illness. Why they felt that was necessary is beyond my comprehension. It appears sadistic and immoral. – LMNOPI

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