Dekit had the pleasure of sitting down with Sikai aka The Sick One, a Connecticut rap artist, who has definitely been making a name for himself. Days after he returned home from a much needed vacation in Florida, he speaks with us about his views on CT rappers and his highly anticipated new project, “The Shoulda Been An Album Mixtape,” dropping this month.
Dekit: Welcome back to CT. How was the vacation?
Sikai: Vaca was good. I needed it. I hit Disney up for the first time.
Dekit: It’s always important to take a little break from the grind. So you’ve been working on releasing a new mixtape called “The Shoulda Been An Album Mixtape”. When is the mixtape dropping?
Sikai: It will be this month.
Dekit: How long have you been working on this project?
Sikai: About a year, trying to get everything right for it. It can never be too perfect. I’m actually taking donations for it on, donations as small as $5, to help with my distribution and promotion.  I’m hoping to reach my goal by the end of the month.
Dekit: What would you say is different about this project, than your previous work?
Sikai: This project is different for the simple fact that, I’m giving the people all of me. I don’t hold back on this one and I just tell my story regardless if people like it or not. It’s good music at the end of the day. I believe people will relate to me more, after this project and understand my personality better before becoming fans.
Dekit: How do you compare or what separates you from the other CT rappers dropping mixtapes these days?

“I find that many artist who drop mixtapes today don’t really try for the new sound, they just copy what they hear and try to fit into it.”

Sikai: I never separate or compare to be honest. I know that we’re all coming from the same place and trying to reach somewhat the same goal. As far as my music goes, I just do what works for me. I never really get out of my element by trying to duplicate another. I add my own perception and existence to music. I like to be known as an individual rather than just another CT rapper. I find that many artist who drop mixtapes today don’t really try for the new sound, they just copy what they hear and try to fit into it. That’s not being an individual in this game; [it] actually becomes a game of monkey see, monkey do.
Dekit: Tell me why did you title it, Tha Shoulda Been An Album Mixtape?
Sikai: That title came about because
everything on this project is of album standard. I wanted to make a mixtape, but also remind people that I am more than just a mixtape artist, in a sense of just recording over industry tracks with freestyles. I do make my own music and I do have my own personal story to tell, so I just wanted to be able to give the listeners more of Sikai basically.

“I love where I come from, but I’m always told that for the amount of talent, I should have more fans out here.”

Dekit: You have a track call “Hometown Hero” feat. Dublin, tell me more about this track. Why do you feel like it’s hard to get support out here?
Sikai: Well, I won’t completely say that it’s hard to gain support in CT because I do have a lot of people that stand behind my music, but of course for every supporter there are non-supporters, so that song was basically to address that situation. I love where I come from, but I’m always told that for the amount of talent, I should have more fans out here. I’m proving myself to the entire world. Trust me if the world is paying attention to you, CT kind of just falls into place (he laughs).
Dekit: What will it take to change that about CT or is it more like from Stamford,CT were the support is lacking?
Sikai: I believe that Stamford has a ton to do with the lack of support. CT has a lot more going on up north in the New Haven and Hartford area, so I’m getting overlooked being from Stamford, which is in the southern part of the state where we’re considered borderline New York. No one’s really looking this way at all. In fact, we don’t even get Hot 93.7, CT’s biggest radio station in this area (he laughs). We only get New York radio stations. One tactic I’ve used for getting my name out is promoting and performing in the places where I can gain better attention and new support. I like to bring it right to where all the action is and I can honestly say that a change will come soon, I promise.
Dekit: Some of the songs I see have been released online, what would you say are your favorite tracks?

“ I’m getting overlooked being from Stamford”

Sikai: Umm…I have a song called “Angels” on the project that I really like. I don’t want to give my complete concept on the record, but I do feel like people will enjoy that one. I like the whole project in its entirety. I think people will be impressed on how well we’ve put this project together.
Dekit: What keeps you motivated, if you can’t get love from your “Hometown” why continue to do this?
Sikai: Well I love making music. I’ve been doing music for so long and progressing as an artist and individual where I feel like I could never stop. The support of my family, friends, and fans that I do have outweigh the people who decide to not support what I do. I believe in myself so that’s really what matters when everything is said and done. I’m only 21 years old, I’m only going to get better. And even if the “Hometown” has a hard time accepting me, I’ll still always do it for the “Hometown”, but more importantly I do it for myself. I don’t believe that there’s anything that could make me not continue this journey.

“It takes hard work and dedication, but I understand the struggle and I know that it’s possible to overcome.”

Dekit: Any advice for a youngin’ or any other artist trying to come up?
Sikai: I would say just stand out and be what you want to be. Never let anyone tell you that it’s not possible and believe in yourself. “You” hold the key to success and the sky is the limit. It won’t be easy. It takes hard work and dedication, but I understand the struggle and I know that it’s possible to overcome. Then I’d probably say “Yeeahhhhh Sick 1 baby!” (laughing). That’s my trademark phrase on record. You’ll hear more of it if you haven’t already.
Dekit: So where can we get the mixtape once it drops?
Sikai: Yeah. Hopefully everywhere, but it will be for purchase at You can buy a download to support or get a physical copy delivered.

Sikai, a Stamford, CT native, is defiantly not “just another CT rapper,” with each mixtape he
manages to stay ahead of the rest, providing listeners with better quality and a memorable experience each time. This upcoming project will, therefore, be at another level of production than his previous mixtapes. He’s aiming to change minds and put listeners on to “good music.”
Certainly, the new mixtape will be another showcase of Sika’s lyrical skills, but it will also be an opportunity to anyone who listens to get to know, Sikai, the individual. Overall, he does what many dear not do and that’s follow his dreams, at all and any cost. If you can appreciate great music, listen in and then show your support for Sikai by going to, entering Sikai and dropping a donation for his project. For more info on Sikai and to get a copy of “The Shoulda Been An Album Mixtape” at the end of the month, check out his website

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