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In our latest Issue: 7 *Come(Eat), we featured Spanish artist Pejac for his piece “Heavy Sea”. This piece started out as a fictional painting until he stumbled upon the real-life situation during his travels. The sight is enough to make anyone sick at our actions as a society.

Pejac followed this motif of sickening acts against humanity by humanity shortly after tackling beautiful pieces of art for his solo London show. The artist flew to the Middle East to create art without any paint at all. His first pieces were at Al-Hussein, a Palestinian refugee camp in Amman, Jordan.


The camp provides shelter to refugees who fled during the Palestinian exodus. It has been in use for nearly seventy years and is only one out of ten camps in Jordan after so many decades even though the country holds over two million refugees.

Pejac 2

In Al-Hussein Pejac created a series of wall art to tell the forgotten story about the people who inhabited them. He did so without using any kind of paint or other medium besides the wall itself. He used the raw material hidden under the wall to create a stained look that evoked the haunting presence of ghosts that would, and should, not be forgotten.

Pejac 3

The Spanish artist showcased the bulldozers constantly ravaging the landscape and the exodus millions of Palestine’s had to suffer through.

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