Heavy Sea

In 2013, Spanish street artist Pejac created a watercolor painting that featured a lone lifesaver in an expanse of used tires. He labeled this painting Heavy Sea. In 2016, Pejac was on a trip abroad and found himself in the physical manifestation of his fictional painting. He stated that it was, “a poetic nightmare made real. Being surrounded by hundreds of thousands (or millions?) of tires was quite overwhelming and disturbing at the same time. More than a dump, it felt like being in an endless graveyard.” But the opportunity to make a fictional concept real was something Pejac did not want to pass up.Heavy SeaOn his website the artist states, “The desolate images of environmental havoc…are real—no CGI, no Photoshop, no illusions. It’s a simple mixture of art direction and the scourge of human waste.” He says that creating this piece was filled with challenges, excitement, and drama. “The more time I spent there the more evident became the relation failure between humankind and the earth.”

Heavy Sea

Along with the collection of real images, Pejac also created a video of this tragic project. The film follows a single man carrying a lifesaver endlessly searching for something amidst the sea of tires. His mastery of thought provoking imagery and storytelling is highlighted in the video without the use of dialogue. The music alone is enough to lay blame on a society that has allowed this ultimate waste to accumulate. The film ends with a powerful quote written by the artist:

“At this rate we could all become Earth’s refugees soon. And planets like this one are hard to come by.”

Heavy Sea

This startling realization of what was once a fictional idea forces us to understand the negative impact our consumption is wreaking on the planet. Every day items are forgotten once thrown away but where they end up is damaging our environment. We need to look at this as a wake up call and start to protect our planet instead of betray it. Nature is free. This world is free. The beauty, the magnificence, the exquisite life around us is all free. The only thing Mother Nature asks of us in return is to protect this one of a kind beauty from harm. This planet is ours. We need to start taking care of it. The same way someone would protect a family member, a pet, or a cherished OOAK item, we need to start acting like this planet means something to us. Because, without it, where would we be?

Heavy Sea

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