Rainbow Fashion Week Hair Wig

Rainbow Fashion Week is coming June 17-24, 2016! This year the theme of their show will be; A Carbon Neutral Explosion: The Future of Fashion Week. On their website, they state that because of the devastating effects that the textile industry has inflicted onto our planet they have decided to take action.

“…Shattering ozone layers and causing islands to almost sink below sea level,” Rainbow Fashion Week “decided that each of us bears the responsibility to do something, to try something if just one thing.”

Rainbow Fashion Week

They have created three steps to help correct this problem. Step one is to, “ReCycle: Clothing and textiles are nearly 100 percent recyclable. More and more designers are recycling their old lines… By recycling clothing you are cutting down on the number of resources needed to create more clothing.”

Step two is ReDesign: “Redesigned fashion…from 15,000 dollar costs made from old worn gloves to women pledging not to buy any new clothes for half a year. It’s a step beyond buying vintage or secondhand; redesigned fashion is about making old clothes…new again.”

And the final step is RePurpose: “The goal is to get as many people as we can to stop buying new manufactured clothing which in most cases is made in sweat shops. Saving lives, our environment, as well as money and learning new skills along the way.”

RFWNY is also in search for photographers, interns, videographers, and models for their upcoming show! Register on their website to become a part of this magnificent event!

Rainbow Fashion Week


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