GILF’s Politically Charged Art

  In Dekit's issue: MEME we interviewed artist and activist LMNOPI who took to the streets to explore and discuss some of the many social injustices facing our nation today. We talked to her briefly about her involvement in a collaboration with artist Ann Lewis, the face behind Gilf. Their mural

A page from Identity: Jasmin Rodriguez of Vintage Vandalizm

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 A page from IDENTITY   How was your creative process different when you worked on canvas versus using the body for fashion? The only difference was that I didn't have to walk around with a portfolio individually explaining my art. I wasn't a social butterfly then and...Read the full article here What's the medium

A page from Identity: Vito Acconci 2012

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A page from IDENTITY: Vito Acconci The series of photographs were done in collaboration with photographer, Emma Mead and performance artist and dancer, Shay Bares.  We aimed to capture not only Acconci’s signature performance art stills, but to invoke one of the most important moments for this artist: when he realized