SuperLove Cure

Delia Rubio is a Madrid artist who creates three dimensional hearts out of pills. These creations are part of her project called “The SuperLove Cure.” In her interview with Dekit Magazine, Rubio describes the concept behind the name. “My project is called SuperLove Cure. Love heals precisely because there is no better medicine than love to be healed; something that pharmaceuticals are not able to get into a capsule.”

SuperLove Cure

Pills symbolize medication and transforming these pills into intriguing hearts showcases that love is the best medicine. Rubio further explains that love is needed to further healing. She describes, “how important it is to have love to heal.” 

SuperLove Cure

Delia Rubio’s SuperLove Cure highlights another form of edible art. When someone thinks of art that is edible, Elizabeth Marek’s fantastic cakes come to mind;beautiful creations of fauns sitting on crescent moons or over the top cakes in the shape of lumberjack logs with red and black plaid. However, when looking at Rubio’s work we see art in the everyday pills that we take for various reasons.

Pills can be seen as a necessity, as addictive, or deadly. Yet, arranged in this way, Rubio shows us that medication can also be about love; love for yourself, taking care of yourself or others, and loving those around you.

SuperLove Cure

“Each person sees a different story when watching the Superlove Cure; some see love, other addictions, other [a] cure. Some only see a heart with medications they are taking. Others see a color they like, like falling in love. Each one lives in a different way, with its lights and shadows, with its joys and sorrows.”

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