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“Life in the Vila Flavia favela of Sao Paulo, Brazil, can be seen as a bleak procession of barren vistas leading to a grim horizon of depression and death. But then there are the vivid and vibrant murals sprayed around town by the neighborhood’s OPNI, a Portuguese acronym that means Unidentified Graffiti Artists. source: takepart.com

photo: Naco Doce/Reuters

Whether you are living in what some call the slums or fortunate to live in a New England suburb, your surroundings will affect your outlook on life. “The Unidentified Graffit Artist”  of Sao Paulo, OPNI, was started by 20 young graffiti artist in 1997. Since then, this organization has been transforming otherwise bleak surroundings into alluring street galleries.  Worthy of international accolades, not only for their artistry, but also for the compassion and initiative they’ve displayed, these young people are an example for other youth living in similar communities.

photo: Naco Duce/Reuters

What they’ve contributed to their community is inspiring. It’s also a refreshing example of young people giving and supporting their community, when they are expected to be gang members and criminals. For a change we have a positive story from a community,”slum” or “ghetto” that is surviving the daily challenges of poverty.

photo: Naco Duce/Reuters

With their talents and valued dignity, they forged something to be proud of- something to be shared around the world and noticed. Dekit noticed!

photo: Naco Duce/Reuters

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