William Farges is a photographer from France that explores the human body and creates a new perspective of ourselves in his work. In our last issue Sway, we interviewed Farges about his project “White Line,” which utilizes the border signifying the end of a photo to create a new image. His transformation of the human body creates an entirely new creature that is, in his words, “Zen, sweet, and ambiguous. It’s, at the same time, hard, sad poetry.”

He explored this work through another series using a black line instead of the typical white.

William Farges Black Line

Image: https://www.facebook.com/williamfarges.photographer/


Now, as he returns to his craft he tells his audience, “I’m back…and fuck the line.”

William Farges New

Image: https://www.facebook.com/williamfarges.photographer/

In his interview with Dekit Magazine Farges states, “I [prefer to] show another beauty, a strange one, or hard, or wired. So as you say in one word; unknown.” With the line or without, William Farges pushes the limit of our own perceptions of ourselves and our spirit. He shows another side to our humanity. It is a side that is vulnerable, beautiful, and tragic. You can read more about his vision and process in issue 6: Sway here

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