Jennifer Hansen bruised_30x30_mixed media Dekit Magazine
“Bruised” 30×30 mixed media by Jennifer Hansen
Jennifer Hansen shattered_48x36_mixed media Dekit Magazine
“Shattered” 48×36 mixed media by Jennifer Hansen

Jennifer Hansen uses her past experiences for inspiration, making her work emotionally vivid and heart wrenching. Looking at her photos, one cannot help but feel the pain and suffering of her figures. Her pieces are ethereal and dreamlike, pointing us in the direction of more promising times. We are left wondering: how do we escape our dreaming state, or should we simply stay there?

The use of warm colors against the cooler grays are to subtly reveal the presence of God amidst the darkness. That there is hope to look forward to and the figure isn’t utterly consumed in darkness. -Jennifer Hansen

Read the full interview with Jennifer Hansen in Dekit Magazine’s Issue 6:Sway here

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