Tabata Resende mixed media collage 1 Dekit Magazine Tabata Resende mixed media collage 2 Dekit MagazineTabata Resende, a Brazilian visual artist and fashion designer, calls for a stronger presence of women in the arts. Tabata’s mixed media collage series titled,”Uncovering Goddess” merges the aesthetics of Renaissance art with contemporary presentations of women in today’s media.

The media is still idealizing and objectifying women’s body as before by Renaissance artists, and sadly men are still dividing women in two categories: Madonna or Eve, so I thought those elements were still connected with a contemporary female.

The objectification of women’s bodies has wide affects that include violence against women. Brazil, unfortunately, has the highest rate of violence against women.

Read the full interview with Tabata Resende in Dekit Magazine’s Issue 6:Sway here

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